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Hello! I am a graphic designer and studio artist with a huge passion for glorifying God and His creativity through artwork. I create in a wide variety of mediums, both digitally and traditionally. From sculpting and painting, to photography and branding, just about any medium becomes a new avenue for me to express myself.

I have been primarily self taught my whole life, and have competed in local and national level art competitions for years, including the NRA Wildlife Art Contest, the Federal Junior Duck Stamp Art Contest, the American Advertising Awards (ADDYs) and the Congressional Artistic Discovery Competition that landed one of paintings in the capitol building for a year.

Art is more than just words or pictures on a page. To me, it is a way to speak to others and meet them where they are - art has its own voice, and its one that resonates with all different types of people, from all places. It is the way I communicate my love for nature, color, and the intricate mind I have been given. It is timeless, it is moving, and it is constantly changing and growing. Knowing this, I work hard to make each piece I work on to be the very best it can be.

I hope you enjoy viewing my artwork!



2010 Best in Show and First place NRA Wildlife art contest and featured in Insights magazine. 

2011 Congressional Artistic Discovery Competition: Best in Show, piece hung in Capitol Building for a year.

2011 HSLDA art contest: 2nd place piece hung in Patrick Henry College for a year. (Select 2011 for year, and age 15-19 to view winning piece)

2012 First place for state of MD in Federal Junior Duck Stamp art contest, painting on tour for a year. View "Widgeon" painting under the "Artwork" tab.

2015 Judges Choice Award at Roanoke Regional and District level at The American Advertising Awards as well as two golds

2016 two silvers at Roanoke Regional level at The American Advertising Awards



Liberty Champion

Stepping in Style | "Joanna Garcia transforms sneakers into something unique Ever since she was a toddler, Joanna Garcia has loved to draw and create..."

The Frederick News-Post
Thurmont teen's art to grace U.S. Capitol | "A high school student from Thurmont is being honored by U.S. Rep. Roscoe Bartlett today for her painting, which will hang in the Capitol building for a year..."


"The Sea Roars" by K.M. Wilson
Illustrations by Joanna Garcia | Available on Amazon
"Meet Zach Bear" by Christi Beall Hurtak
Illustrations by Joanna Garcia | Available on Amazon
"Zach Bear's Little Middle Brother" by Christi Beall Hurtak
Illustrations by Joanna Garcia | Available on Amazon
"Zach Bear's Theme Park Experience" by Christi Beall Hurtak
Illustrations by Joanna Garcia | Available on Amazon
"Disobedient Dudley" by Vanessa D. Norman
Illustrations by Joanna Garcia | Available on Amazon
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